BeFunky Photo Editor Pro 1.0.4 Free Download

TRIAL: You can try this program, but this version has some limited features or time usage restrictions. You should purchase it in order to remove those limits.

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro 1.0.4 Free Download screenshot

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro is a image editor for the android mobile phones that allows the users to modify hundreds of photos with special effects, frames and colors. The difference between the paid and the free version is just the special effects availability, does not interfere with the application functionality. The Android mobile device will also need Adobe Air to be installed on it because BeFunky was built with this specific platform. Once you have opened the application you will be prompted to either take a photo with your camera and edit it or load an already existing photo from your mobile device. Once a photo has been loaded in the editor the main menu with options will appear including Home, Edit, Effects, Frames and Save buttons. Once the user has finished editing the photo and adding all sorts of effects to it he can save the picture and either upload it on Facebook, Flickr or the very own online service from BeFunky or just save it locally on the Card. Among the key features for this nice little application we have:

- Edit mode allows the user to make simple modifications on the image such as changing basic image parameters like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and up to 2 levels of sharpening. Cropping and rotating the images is also supported and the cropping function also allows locking the aspect ratio to a square one, golden ration or 16:9.

- The Effects feature is perhaps the most important one from the application as you have 55 different effects that can be applied to the image, pretty much anything you can imagine you can throw upon your image. Each of these filters and effects are shown as a small thumbnail near the picture and can be applied on the fly with preview so you know exactly how the photo will look like after. Filters can be shown in categories like Instant, Old Photo, Black and White, Toy Cam or View Finder.

- The frames are in number of 40, each and every one of them different, all of them interesting and giving your photo a retro look with the instant film and camera filter.

- The user interface is simple to use by everyone, very simple to manage as navigating through the main functions and applying various filters is done seamlessly.

- Despite all these features there are also some minor drawbacks such as the enormous time it takes to start the application on the mobile phone (about 10 seconds) and the limitations regarding image resolution and sharing options.

Edit photos, apply effects, add frames, save back to your phone

BeFunky, the popular online photo editing application is now on your Android. Edit your photos, apply special effects, add frames, save back to your phone with more than 50 high quality photo effects, powerful editing tools and 40 marvelous photo frames.


More than 50 Effects: LomoArt, Cross Process, Instant, Gritty HDR, Retro, Viewfinder, Pop Art, Vintage, Sepia, Pinhole, B&W, Old Photo, Warming Filter, Cooling Filter, Orton, Vibrance, Tilt Shift, Grunge, Cyanotype, Violet, Sketch, Line Artopia, Stencil...

Editing: Crop, Rotate, Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, hue and sharpness.

Marvelous Photo Frames: Vignette, Filmstrip, Basic Border, Rounded Corners, Polaroid, Halftone, Grunge, Postage...

Saving: Save to your albums, Save to Facebook, Flickr, BeFunky...

System Requirements:

No special requirements

BeFunky Photo Editor Pro 1.0.4 Free Download screenshot